Zion Jewelry Line

This line means a lot to me since it is based off of so many trips my family took through the deserts in the SW. We didn't have a lot of money growing up but my dad always used our tax refund for vacations. We'd load up in our rundown van and drive through the desert to Colorado or Vegas or even, once, San Fran. I didn't fly until I was 22, which means that all of our family vacations were road trips. My dad is the kind of person who doesn't have a specific plan but makes any little stop along the way that seemed interesting. I really appreciate this aspect of my childhood and all of the beautiful deserts I was able to experience and watch fly by through the window.
Zion line is full of sunstone, snakes, and nods to SW US shapes. Pair with items from our Home line for layering and unique options. Because home is always with us. <3